Kitchen Fire--1013 Third Street

North Catasauqua Station 18, Catasauqua Station 2, and Northampton Regional EMS Station 75 were dispatched to a kitchen fire at 1013 Third Street in North Catasauqua.  Engines 1811 and 1812 responded with Engine 211, Truck 231, and Rescue 241 from Catasauqua, and Medic 7581 from NREMS.


Firefighters arrived on scene and found a fire at the back door that was out on arrival.  The fire was caused by cigarette smoking materials that ignited materials stored at the back door.  No injuries were reported and the property was turned back to the resident.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm at 1011 Fourth Street

Engine 1811 responded to 1011 Fourth St for a carbon monoxide alarm in a residence with victims. The caller had stated that a carbon monoxide alarm went off in the dwelling and someone was feeling ill.


Firefighters arrived on the scene and searched for a source of the carbon monoxide, locating a malfunctioning oil furnace as the cause.

Dwelling Fire - 944 Lincoln Ave with Northampton

Station 18 was dispatched with Northampton Borough Station 42 to a dwelling fire at 944 Lincoln Avenue in Northampton.  Units were held in station and then recalled after a brief standby.

Automatic Alarm-534 Third Street

Station 18 and Catasauqua Station 2 were dispatched to an automatic alarm at the Catasauqua Highrise, 534 Third Street. Firefighters arrived on the scene to find that the alarm was triggered by food on the stove.

Sacred Heart Assisted Living for a Structure Fire

Northampton Station 42, North Catasauqua Station 43, Allen Township Station 45, and East Allen Township Engine 4612 were dispatched to a high occupancy structure fire at Sacred Heart Assisted Living, 602 E 21 Street, Northampton. The call came in as a working structure fire.


Chief 4251 arrived on the scene and found the fire to be a cooking fire. With the exception of Station 42, all other units were recalled.

EMS Assist-Unconscious Person

Station 18 along with Northampton Regional EMS Station 75 were dispatched to 1064 Fifth Street at O'Donnel Funeral Home for a report of an unconscious person.  Attack 1871 was recalled by EMS personal after they arrived on the scene.

EMS Assist--1000 blk Railroad Street

Station 18 was dispatched with Northampton Regional EMS Station 75 for a sick person in the 1000 blk Railroad Street in North Catasauqua.  Attack1871 responded and assisted with removing the sick person from the house to the ambulance.


NCFD was on automatic dispatched for all EMS calls because of the winter storm at the time of the call.

Chimney Fire--2386 Washington Street-Northampton

North Catasauqua Station 43, in conjunction with Northampton Borough Station 42, and Allen Township Station 45 were dispatched to a chimney fire at 2386 Washington Avenue, Northampton. When Station 42 arrived on the scene, flames and smoke were visible from outside the dwelling. Additional units were alerted to assist at the scene. These stations included East Allen Township and Whitehall Township. The blaze was quickly extinguished. Damage was contained to the outer shell of the structure. 

Water Problem with Electrical Hazard-1068 7th St

Station 18 was dispatched to 1068 7th Street for a water problem with an electrical hazard. The caller stated that water was flooding her kitchen and basement. She had indicated that there were possible electrical hazards.

EMS Assist-Fall Victim 2nd & Race Sts

Station 18 was dispatched to 2nd & Race Streets in Catasauqua for an EMS assist. A 35 year old female slipped and fell on the ice. Station 18 was immediately recalled, after the dispatcher realized that the call was not within our jurisdiction. Catasauqua Station 2 was then dispatched to the scene. Police already had the victim in their car waiting for EMS to arrive.

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