Cardiac Arrest--5th & Grove Street

Attach 1871 responded with EMS 75 to 5th & Grove Streets for a cardiac arrest. The caller reported a male was not breathing and unresponsive.

Traffic Control--Howertown Road & Grove Street

Station 18 Fire Police were dispatched to an automobile accident at Howertown Road and Grove Streets. The fire police assisted in traffic control.

Water Flow Alarm-1151 Front Street

Station 18 along with Station 2 were dispatched to 1151 Front Street for a report of a water flow alarm. Firefighters gained access to the structure. Upon searching the premise, firefighters found a malfunction in the sprinkler system.  The property was secured and referred for follow up by the Borough's Codes Officer.

Automatic Alarm--306 Tioga Street-Catasauqua

North Catasauqua Station 18 and Catasauqua Station 2 were dispatched to an automatic alarm at 306 Tioga Street. The caller reported a second floor smoke detector was activated. Catasauqua Fire Department arrived on the scene and dealt with the incident. Station 18 remained at the station.

Odor Investigation-120 Arch Street

Station 18 was dispatched to 120 Arch Street for an odor investigation. Firefighters arrived on the scene and found someone burning cardboard behind the structure.

Fire Alarm at 534 Third St

Engine 1811 responded with Engine 211 and Truck 231 for an automatic fire alarm at 534 Third Street, Catasauqua Borough.  Firefighter found dust from construction in an apartment on the 4th floor of the high rise.  There was no fire and companies cleared the scene.

EMS Assist in 1100 blk Front Street

Star of LifeAttack 1871 was dispatched to the 1100 block of Front Street for an EMS Assist with Northampton Regional EMS 75 for a reported cardiac arrest.  Attack 1871 was recalled shortly after leaving the station and returned to station.

Automatic Alarm-1001 Second Street

Station 18, Catasauqua Station 2, and Northampton Station 42 were dispatched to an automatic alarm at St. Lawrence Rectory--1001 Second Street in North Catasauqua.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm at 1114 Third Street

Attack 1871 responded to a report of a carbon monoxide alarm sounding in a dwelling at 1114 Third Street. Firefighters donned packs and entered the residence. Several readings were taken with a carbon monoxide detector. The monitor failed to show the presence of carbon monoxide. The problem was traced back to a malfunctioning detector. The detector was over 10 years old and in need of replacement.

Water Flow Alarm--1151 Front Street

Station 18 and Catasauqua Station 2 were dispatched to a water flow alarm at Sheftel & Sons--1151 Front Street in North Catasauqua. 1803 was driving by the structure when he heard the alarm sounding. He immediately had units dispatched to the scene. Upon gaining entry to the building, firefighters found a section of the building which was flooded. The stand pipe separated causing water to pour into the building. 

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