Fire Alarm at the Blue Monkey - 1094 Howertown Road

Stations 18, Station 2, and Northampton County Station 42 were called for an automatic alarm at 1094 Howertown Road, the Blue Monkey Sports Restaurant. The first floor heat detector was activated.


When Engine 1811 arrived on the scene, two HVAC workers were on the roof of the structure. They accidentally tripped the alarm while working on the unit. Engine 212 was released and Station 42 was recalled. 

2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire at 329 Church Street



The North Catasauqua Fire Department was dispatched with the Catasauqua Fire Department and Northampton Regional EMS for a reported appliance fire in a dwelling. Police arrived on scene and reported a working basement fire. Engine 211 arrived first due, laying from the hydrant, and striking the second alarm. Engine 1811 arrived on scene second due. The crew was split with two members assigned to the attack line off of 211 and the engine assigned to the rear of the structure. As the interior crew attacked the basement fire, the engineer laid in 500’ from a second hydrant to the rear of the structure and placed a ladder to the dwelling for emergency egress if needed.


The Catasauqua and North Catasauqua firefighters worked together seamlessly and quickly knocked down the rapidly extending fire. Additional companies on scene assisted with overhaul and ventilation. One member received a minor injury and received first aid at the scene.

Dwelling Fire at 549 Bethlehem Road


At 7:33 pm Engine 1811 was dispatched with the Catasauqua Fire Department for a dwelling fire at 549 Bethlehem Road.  First arriving police and fire officers confirmed a working fire and requested a RIT assignment from station 11 and an ambulance to the scene.

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Automatic Alarm - 534 3rd St

Station 18 and Station 2 were dispatched to the Catasauqua Highrise, 534 Third Street, Catasauqua, for an automatic alarm. Attack 1871 was recalled shortly after leaving the station. Station 2 found that the alarm was sparked by careless cooking.

Structure Fire at Siegfried Elementary School, Northampton

Engine 4311 and Squad 4342 responded with Northampton Fire 42 and Fire 45 for a structure fire Siegfried Elementary School, 1677 Lincoln Avenue in Northampton Borough.  The caller stated that there were flames shooting out of a portable heater.


When firefighters arrived, they searched the affected area of the building. A strong odor of electrical burning was present in the electrical utility room. A ceiling-mounted electric heater was identified as the cause and power was isolated to the unit. Fans were setup to ventilate the smoke and odor from the school.


Control of the school was returned to district maintenance personnel and firefighters cleared the scene.

Odor Investigation-748 Front Street

Station 18 and Station 2 were dispatched to 748 Front Street for an odor investigation. The caller reported smelling natural gas both inside and outside her dwelling. 

Water Flow Alarm at 1151 Front Street

Engine 1811 responded to a water flow alarm at 1151 Front Street in the borough. Firefighters arrived on the scene and found an alarm sounding. After gaining entry to the building, firefighters found the basement flooded with water. Two large diameter sprinkler pipes had ruptured.


Catasauqua Fire Station 2 was also on the assignment.

Automatic Fire Alarm at Silver Manor

Station 18 with Station 2 were dispatched to Silver Manor, 2 Front Street in Catasauqua for an automatic alarm. Engine 1811 was recalled while enroute to the scene. The alarm was triggered by workmen in the building.

Mutual Aid on a Basement Fire


Firefighters from the North Catasauqua Fire Department assisted the Northampton Fire Department on a working dwelling fire.  Also responding to the alarm were Allen Township Fire Company, Lehigh Township Fire Company, East Allen Township Fire Company, and the Whitehall Fire Department Cementon Station.  Northampton Regional EMS and East Allen Ambulance Corps also assisted at the scene.


Responding units were advised by the communications center that it was believed the fire was in the basement and smoke was showing from the roof line.


Engine 1811 arrived moments before Engine 4212 and members of both crews stretched an 1 3/4" pre-connected attack line from the engine via the interior stairs to the basement.  Crews encountered heavy smoke and heat as they opened the basement door and made a push down the stairs. Engine 1812 arrived on scene and stretched a second line from 1811 around the back of the house to attack the fire through a rear door that led directly to the basement.  Assistant Chief 4252 of the Northampton Fire Department forced entry through this rear door and found heavy smoke but was unable to locate the seat of the fire.


With the location of the fire in question, and smoke and heat conditions worsening, the 1812 crew repositioned the second line to the first floor in attempt to locate any hidden fire.  With the assistance of a thermal imaging camera, the quickly extending fire was located in a bravo side wall.  The crew opened the wall and extinguished the fire.  Simultaneously, the crew of the first line reported that had located the fire in the basement and knocked it down. Additional crews arrived on the scene to check for further extension as well as ventilate the home and the attached exposure and perform salvage and overhaul.  Minor extension was found in a wall on the 2nd floor.


The members of the various departments worked together flawlessly to extinguish this blaze that was minutes from becoming an inferno.  All hands should be commended for their excellent work.

Dwelling Fire--2389 Washington Avenue-Northampton

North Catasauqua Station 43 responded with Northampton Fire 42 and Allen Twp Fire 45 for a dwelling fire at 2389 Washington St.  Northampton FD arrived on location and found a chimney fire that was quickly extinguished.


Also on the assignment was Northampton Regional EMS Station 49.

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