Automatic Alarm--383 Faith Drive

Stations 2, 18 and 36 were dispatched to a report of a residential fire alarm. The hallway smoke detector was sounding. Station 2 arrived and found no indication of fire. Stations 18 and 36 were recalled.

Wires down at 1st St & Washington Ave

Engine 4311 and and Northampton Truck 4221 responded to a report of a wire fire and smoking transformer at 1st St and Washington Ave in Northampton.  Initial reports indicated live wires down and sparking.


Engine 4311 arrived on location and found wires burned off and had fallen to the ground.  The transformer was no longer smoking.  Neighbors reported one house without power. PPL, the local electric utility, was notified and responded to the scene.  Firefighters established a perimeter and awaited the arrival of PPL.


The scene was secured and turned over to PPL for repairs once they arrived.

EMS Assist

Station 18 was requested for lift assistance with Northampton Regional EMS in the 1100 block Railroad Street.  Prior to arrival, NCFD was recalled by EMS and placed available..

Smoke in Dwelling-426 Bridge Street

Station 18 and Station 2 were dispatched to a report of smoke in a dwelling at 426 Bridge Street, Catasauqua Boro.  The caller reported hearing electrical pops in the basement.


Engine 1811 stood by the hydrant at Howertown Rd and Bridge St. The incident was investigated and brought under control by Station 2.

Odor of Natural Gas near Willowbrook Golf Course - 1364 Howertown Road

Engine 1811 responded to a report of a natural gas odoro near Willowbrook Golf Course at 1364 Howertown Road. Engine 1811 investigated and found no odor or cause. Firefighters cleared the scene.

Automobile Fire-1144 Fourth Street

Station 18 was dispatched to an automobile fire at 1144 Fourth Street. Engine 1812 and Attach 1871 arrived on the scene. When units arrived, the fire was already out. It is believed that the fire burned itself out. 

Smoke in a Dwelling at 749 Second Street

Stations 2 and 18 were dispatched to a report of smoke in a dwelling at 749 Second Street in Catasauqua. The caller reported smelling smoke both inside and outside the dwelling. Firefighters found the cause to be smoke form a wood stove at a neighboring residence. All units were released.

Fire at Green Star Recycling

Engine 4311 responded with Northampton Fire 42 for a reported commercial structure fire at Green Star Recycling, 799 Smith Lane, in Northampton Borough.  The caller reported a fire in the bag house.


Firefighters arrived on location to find a fire in the trash compactor inside the facility that extended to a dumpster.  Firefighters stretched 2 lines and established a water supply from a hydrant within the recycling plant's grounds.


The fire was knocked down quickly with extensive overhaul.


Also on the assignment was Northampton Regional EMS 49, Allen Twp Fire 45, East Allen Fire 46, Lehigh Twp Fire 47, and East Allen EMS 46.

Industrial Structure Fire at Systek Environmental

North Catasauqua Fire Department was dispatched with Northampton Fire Department to an industrial structure fire at 2505 Main Street, Northampton. Engine 1811 responded with Station 42 to find a shredder on fire. The fire was brought under control within 15 minutes and responding units quickly cleared the scene.

Dwelling Fire - 1457 Washington Ave

Fire Station 43 was dispatched to 1457 Washington Ave with Northampton Fire 42 for a reported dwelling fire.  The caller reported smoke and fire visible.  Chief 4251 arrived on location and recalled mutual aid units, holding the assignment to Fire 42 only.


Allen Twp Fire 45 and Northampton Regional EMS 49 were also on the assignment.

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