Smoke in a Dwelling at 817 Lincoln Ave

Engine 4311 responded with Northampton Fire 42 and Allen Twp Engine 4511 for smoke in a dwelling at 817 Lincoln Avenue in Northampton Boro.  The caller reported a light smoke condition and an electrical odor.


Firefighters arrived to an electrical odor with light haze, that continued to dissipate while investigating.  Unable to locate the cause after investigating for nearly 45 minutes, the residence was turned back over to the residents and advised to call 9-1-1 if it returns.

CO Alarm at 30 Sherman Street

Station 2, Engine 1811, and Engine 3711 were dispatched to 30 Sherman St in Catasauqua for a carbon monoxide alarm with no reported victims.  Shortly after dispatched, Chief 201 recalled mutual aid companies.  Station 18 went available.

Brush Fire near Willowbrook Golf Course

Station 18 was dispatched for a brush fire near Willowbrook Golf Course.  A controlled burn on the neighboring farm had been reported for that day and all apparatus were held in station while Asst. Chief 1802 and Dep. Chief 1803 investigated.


The chiefs confirmed the brush fire was a controlled burn on the farm and was wrapping up.  The assignment was recalled.

Move-up Assignment for 2nd Alarm Structure Fire

Engine 1811 at Station 36Engine 1811 was dispatched on a move-up assignment to the Fullerton section of Whitehall Township to cover for Station 36.  Whitehall Fire Dept was busy at a 2nd alarm structure fire at the Perkin's Restaurant on MacArthur Rd with various mutual aid companies.

Automatic Alarm at Flores Air Conditioning

Stations 2 and 18 were dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at Flores Air Conditioning, 259 Race Street, Catasauqua. Police on the scene reported the trip came from food in a toaster oven. Attack 1871 was at 2nd and Union Streets when recalled.

Automatic Alarm at Willowbrook Golf Course

Engine 1811 and Attack 1871 responded to Willowbrook Golf Course Clubhouse for an automatic alarm.


A smoke detector was activated when staff began cooking on the grill.  The building was ventilated with a fan and fire alarm system restored.

Automatic Fire Alarm at Cambridge Day School - 325 Lehigh Street

Engine 211 and Engine 1811 responded to an automatic fire alarm at Cambridge Day School, 325 Lehigh Street in Catasauqua.


Deputy 203 arrived on scene and reported a false manual pull by a child at the day care.  All responding units were recalled and companies returned.

Gas Leak-425 Milton Street

Stations 2 and Engine 1811 were dispatched to a natural gas leak at 425 Milton Street in Catasauqua. The caller stated that she removed an old gas heater and it is now leaking gas.


Firefighters found natural gas in the basement.  They shut down the gas supply and then ventilated the residence. UGI was requested and responded to the scene.

Washer Malfunction at 118 Bridge Street

Engine 1811 responded with Catasauqua Fire Dept for a reported apartment building fire at 118 Bridge Street.  The caller reported a dryer fire on the 4th floor.


Firefighters arrived and found an overheated belt in an overloaded washing machine.  There was no fire upon arrival.  Firefighters set up multiple fans to ventilate the light smoke condition.


The malfunctioning machine was turned over to building maintenance personnel and firefighters cleared the scene.

Building Collapse at 1022 Second Street

Building Collapse at 1022 Second St Attack 1871, Engine 1811, Squad 1851, and Rescue 241 from Catasauqua FD responded to a building collapse at 1022 Second Street in North Catasauqua Boro.


At 10:41 hours, the Charotin Hose Co. Fire Police were requested for traffic control.  Deputy Chief 1803 responded to the scene after receiving additional of a building collapse.  Upon arrival, DC 1803 found a 4 unit apartment building with a structural collapse of the foundation wall along the front of the structure and significant deformity of the sidewalks and associated structures in the immediate area.  The involved structures included 1020 Second Street, 1022 Second Street, and the adjacent exposure at 1024 Second Street.  


Residents were still inside the buildings and were in the process of removing all of their belongings.  After a quick consult with structural collapse technicians, it was determined that all 3 dwellings required immediate evacuation.  DC 1803 advised the police officer in command at the time to remove all occupants from 1020 and 1022 Second Street.  The fire department then assumed command of the scene and upgraded the assignment to a building collapse and requested the full response from Station 18 and special call for Rescue 241.  A safety perimeter was established.


Utilities were previously notified and were already working at the scene to shut off service to the apartments.  UGI had to excavate the street in order to shut off service to the building.


The borough's engineer was requested to the scene and recommended immediate stabilization, which was coordinated with a contractor to the emergency work.


Most residents had other shelter and left the scene.  The American Red Cross of the Greater Lehigh Valley was notified and assisted 3 residents with temporary shelter.


No injuries were reported and the cause of the building collapse is under investigation.

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