Dwelling Fire on Grove Street

Station 18, Station 2, and Station 75 (EMS) were dispatched to 734 Grove Street just before 8 am this morning for a dwelling fire.  The caller reported a fire in the area of their fire place.

Captain 205 was first on scene and reported nothing showing from the exterior.  A small fire was discovered in the wall above the fire place.  The wall was opened and the fire extinguished using a pressurized water can.  Another crew was sent to the attic space with a thermal imaging camera to check for any extension.

The cause of the fire appears to be an electrical malfunction in an outlet just above the fire place.  The occupants were able to return to their home as the fire caused minor damage to the wall with no extension.

Engine 1811, Truck 231, Engine 211, Engine 212, and Medic 75 were on location as well as Chief 1801, Asst Chief 1802, Chief 201, and Captain 205 in their vehicles.

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