2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire at 329 Church Street



The North Catasauqua Fire Department was dispatched with the Catasauqua Fire Department and Northampton Regional EMS for a reported appliance fire in a dwelling. Police arrived on scene and reported a working basement fire. Engine 211 arrived first due, laying from the hydrant, and striking the second alarm. Engine 1811 arrived on scene second due. The crew was split with two members assigned to the attack line off of 211 and the engine assigned to the rear of the structure. As the interior crew attacked the basement fire, the engineer laid in 500’ from a second hydrant to the rear of the structure and placed a ladder to the dwelling for emergency egress if needed.


The Catasauqua and North Catasauqua firefighters worked together seamlessly and quickly knocked down the rapidly extending fire. Additional companies on scene assisted with overhaul and ventilation. One member received a minor injury and received first aid at the scene.

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