Burned Food at Silver Manor

Engine 1811 was requested for automatic mutual aid with Station 2 and Rescue 3641 (for Rescue 241) for an automatic fire alarm at Silver Manor, 2 Front St.  Chief 1802 was first on scene and reported burned food on 3rd Floor West kitchen..  Rescue 3641 was recalled and 2 and 18 units were to proceed with caution.  The cause of the alarm was somebody left eggs boiling on the stove.  The responsible party left and was no where to be found.  A fellow resident threw the pot with burned eggs out of the window to the lot below.  Smoke ventilated naturally and Chief 201 remained on scene with the building owner who was on scene to investigate who continues to cook irresponsibly at the facility.  Stations 2 and 18 were at this same facility for an identical call a couple weeks ago.

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