Dwelling Fire at 847 Washington Ave

NCFD responded with the Northampton Fire Dept for a reported dwelling fire at 847 Washington Ave for black smoke from the chimney.


Asst. Chief 4352 was 1 block away when the call went out and arrived on scene quickly.  Smoke was no longer coming from the chimney upon arrival at the residential duplex.  The house was unoccupied and secured.  There was a slight odor of an oil burner malfunction at the rear of the property.  Neighbors reported black smoke has been coming from the chimney a couple times recently.  


The neighbor in the other half of the duplex made contact with the landlord and a keyholder responded.  Upon gaining entry a light smoke condition was found in the basement and low levels of carbon monoxide.  The basement was ventilated and property released to the keyholder for service.

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