Dwelling Fire 415 Tioga St

Engine 1811 responded to 415 Tioga Street with Station 2 for a dwelling fire.  The complainant stated she was walking past the house, could hear a smoke detector sounding, and saw smoke from the dwelling.


Upon arrival, a very light smoke condition was coming from a vent on the delta side of the 2-story bi-level residence.  The smoke had a burned food odor.  Access was gained to the residence and firefighters discovered the house was actually 2 apartments.  No problems were found in the downstairs apartment.  The door was forced to the upstairs apartment where firefighters found severely burned hard-boiled eggs on the stove.  There was no fire and no extension from the pot on the stove.  The apartment was ventilated using a fan and deodorant sprayed.


The 2nd Fl occupant arrived home while FD personnel were on scene and was reminded about safe cooking practices and the dangers of unattended cooking.

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