Brush Fire under Hokey Bridge

Station 18 was dispatched for an outside fire underneath the Hokey Bridge.  The complainant, calling from the opposite side of the Lehigh River, reported a camp fire of some sort in the woods underneath the Hokendaqua Bridge.


Initially, the police department was unable to locate the fire and asked to recall the fire department.  However, the brush fire was located by fire department personnel and extinguished using a pressurized water extinguisher.


This is another example why the police department should not recall the fire department.  Had this fire grown, it could have been much worse than a small brush fire that required a small water extinguisher to mitigate the problem.


In addition, this is a reminder to all that we are currently under very dry conditions and a Red Flag Warning, meaning a high fire danger and the increased potential for wild fires.  Please remember, there is no open burning allowed in the Borough of North Catasauqua except for food preparation.

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