Cat Rescue

Cat RescueStation 18 was requested by the North Catasauqua Police Dept for assistance with rescuing a cat at 1130 Railroad Street in the Boro.  Engine 1811 responded non-emergency for the cat rescue assignment.  


Lehigh County Radio reported a cat stuck in a tree, leading many who monitor radio transmissions to chuckle.     However, upon arrival, Engine 1811 personnel were directed to a cat stuck between a window screen and the window glass in a 2nd floor window.  The cat was apparently chased through the house and into the confined space by a pit bull that also resides in the residence.


Firefighters used a ground ladder to access the front porch roof.  Unable to remove the screen without permanent damage to the frame, the screen was cut and the cat removed without incident.  The cat was in purr-fect condition and a neighbor stated she would care for the cat until the owners returned home.


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