Electrical Problem in a Home

Engine 1811 responded with Engine 211 and Rescue 241 for a reported odor investigation inside a residence at 403 Tioga Street, Catasauqua Borough.  The caller reported a loud bang and then the power to the home went out and an odor of burning rubber was in the residence.

Upon arrival, crews found a service technician from PPL, the local electric utility, on scene.  He reported the service panel was making a weird buzzing noise but found no other problems in the area.  He stated the occupant called PPL prior to calling the fire department.


Crew inside found an odor of something electrical burning.  Further investigation lead firefighters to the living room where the source was narrowed down to an old satellite television box that was no longer in use but still plugged into the outlet.  The box was removed and given the home owner.  No other problems were found in the residence and the scene was turned back over the home owner.

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