5th & Arch for a Gas Leak

Gas Leak 12-11-2011Station 18 was dispatched for gas odor outside at the intersection of 5th Street and Arch Street.  Police on scene were waved down by a pedestrian and called in the gas odor coming from the manhole in the intersection.


First arriving personnel confirmed a strong gas odor in the intersection and asked for UGI to be notified.  The area was shut down of all pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  The manhole was checked with a meter and found 100% of the lower explosive limit, meaning there was the potential for a serious problem. Personnel then began checking neighboring homes.  No gas was found in nearby residences and no one was evacuated.

UGI arrived on scene and confirmed the findings.  More UGI personnel were called to the scene to locate, excavate, and repair the leak.  Fire Dept personnel were on location until approximately 20:30 hrs when the borough's Public Works Dept arrived and barricaded the area.


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