Carbon Monoxide Incident at 1216 4th St

Attack 1871 responded for a carbon monoxide incident early this morning. Around 6:00am, EMS was dispatched for a sick person at 1216 4th Street, North Catasauqua Borough. While Medic 7584 from Northampton Regional EMS was responding, Lehigh County 911 Communications advised that the caller suspected carbon monoxide poisoning and the assignment was upgraded to include a full fire department response, bring apparatus and personnel from North Catasauqua FD, Catasauqua FD, and Northmapton FD.



Upon arrival of Medic 7584, all occupants had evacuated the residence and were in the front yard. The initial sick person stated they felt better after exiting the building and seeking fresh air. An additional family member was not symptomatic. Both were evaluated by EMS and refused further treatment and transport to the hospital.


Fire personnel entered the building and found nearly 400 ppm of carbon monoxide in the residence. All of the gas appliances in the residence were shut down and the residence was ventilated using a fan. The residence was cleared of CO and turned back over to the homeowner.


Attack 1871, Engine 212, and Engine 4212 were on scene.

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