Utility Pole Ready to Fall

Station 18 was dispatched for a wires call in the area of 4th & Buttonwood Streets.  Upon arrival, personnel found a utility pole in the middle of the block between Crane Street  and 4th Street that was leaning heavily over the roadway.  The service line to a nearby residence was also hanging precariously over the street.


Personnel secured the area and established a safe zone in care the pole should fall.  The only thing holding up the utility pole was the high tension wire at the top of the pole.  The pole was swaying in the strong winds left over from Hurricane Irene.


PPL was requested and reported an extended arrival time due to volume of repairs.  Conveniently, while investigating another issue in town, a PPL representative was found in town and asked to investigate the situation.  PPL representatives tied to pole back to an adjacent yard and the safe zone was reduced to Buttonwood Street between Crane Street and 4th Street, which will remain closed until a permanent repair can be made in the coming days.

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