Bridge Street Chimney Fire

Engine 1811 and Engine 1812 responded to 225 Bridge Street with Station 2 for a chimney fire.  Caller was reporting sparks from the chimney.  Chief 201 was first on scene and advised nothing showing.  Engine 1811 took a position at Third St and Bridge St, standing by at a hydrant.  Truck 231 took the front of the building and started to setup the ladder for aerial operations.  Engine 211 stood by at Second St and Bridge St at another hydrant.  Crews checked the residence and had embers dropping down into the chimney from the flue and a heat pattern was found in the first and second floor walls adjacent to the chimney.

After further investigation, a bird's nest was found in the flue that had ignited.  The embers falling into the fireplace and the sparks that were exiting the chimney outside, were due to the bird's nest on fire.  The chimney was clear to the top with no other fire or extension.  Companies cleared approximately 45 minutes later.

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