Emergencies during Hurricane Irene

Hurricane FlagThe North Catasauqua Fire Department will be available for emergency and non-emergency service throughout Hurricane Irene's duration.  If you have a true emergency, do not hesitate to dial 911 for assistance.  However, 911 should be used for emergency calls only. Local 911 centers will be very busy.


In LEHIGH COUNTY, PA if you have a non-emergency call such as water in your basement with an electric, gas or other hazard or other non-emergencies, please call Lehigh County Communications at 610-437-5252.  This is the number you would dial in North Catasauqua Borough as we are notified by Lehigh County Communications. Please do not call the station directly as someone may not be there to answer your call.


In NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PA if you have a non-emergency call, please call Northampton County Communications at 610-759-2200.


If you have a question about a power outage, please do not call 911.  Contact the local utility company for your area.


PPL Electric: 1-800-342-5775 or http://www.pplelectric.com

MetEd: 1-888-544-4877 or http://www.firstenergycorp.com

PECO: 1-800-841-4141 or http://www.peco.com

UGI: 1-800-276-2722 or http://www.ugi.com

Meet & Greet at the Park

Fire Knock Down HouseNCFD members attended the Meet & Greet at the North Catasauqua Park Family Night on August 17, 2011.  The event was organized by the North Catasauqua Recreation Committee and was their last Family Night for the year.


Engine 1811, Attack 1871, and Squad 1851 were on display.  The fire knock down house was set up for children to have a real-life experience on an attack line as they knock down the fire.  Personnel talked about fire prevention and gave tours of the equipment.

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Officer Down

Freemansburg PD PatchThe officers and members of the North Catasauqua Fire Department send their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Officer Robert Lasso, Freemansburg Police Department, who died in the line of duty last night. Rest in Peace Officer Lasso.

Fire Prevention at the Park

Fire Prevention at the ParkChildren who attend the Summer Park Program at the North Catasauqua Park on were treated to a visit from the North Catasauqua Fire Department on Friday, August 5, 2011.  Fire Dept members covered fire prevention basics such as smoke detectors in their home, calling 9-1-1 in an emergency, and safety around matches and lighters.

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New Fire Chief Vehicle

Expedition TeaserThe North Catasauqua Fire Department is excited to announce the addition of a new (to us) vehicle.

Recently, the North Catasauqua Police Department received a new vehicle for their fleet.  In turn, the old Police Car 75, a 2001 Ford Expedition, was passed down to the Fire Department.  The Expedition will replace a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria that was currently a response vehicle for the Fire Chief.  In time, the Expedition will carry the chief's bunker gear, fire extinguisher, forcible entry tools, and a command module. The Expedition will be in service shortly after some minor repairs and work to customize the vehicle to fire department use.

To the left is a teaser of the new lettering and striping on the Expedition in progress by Schaffer Signs and Graphics of North Catasauqua.

The Borough desired to keep the Crown Victoria given its relative good condition and left it under the Fire Department.  The Crown Victoria will be driven by one of the assistant chiefs.  It will also be used for transportation to off-site training and fire department errands.

Duracell Power Those Who Protect Us Donation

Duracell Power Those That Protect UsBatteries are an important tool that the North Catasauqua Fire Dept uses almost every time we respond to an emergency. Much of the equipment we carry is powered by batteries, from the air packs on our backs to the flashlights and gas meters that we carry.  Batteries power the many devices and life-saving equipment we carry.


Recently, Duracell, in conjunction with the National Volunteer Fire Council,  completed the Power Those Who Protect Us battery donation program. 


The North Catasauqua Fire Department received 714 AA batteries and 236 AAA batteries through your participation in the program. (Updated 1/4/12)


Starting on February 1, 2011, the Power Those Who Protect Us program will helped local volunteer fire departments by donating batteries based on your purchases.  Whenever you purchased a specially marked package of Duracell batteries, a unique code was included with the product packaging.  The code was entered on Duracell's website and your donation was directed to us.


Thank you to all who directed their battery donation to us.  We greatly appreciate the support.  A big thank you to Duracell and the NVFC for their organization and support of this great project.