New Fire Chief Vehicle

Expedition TeaserThe North Catasauqua Fire Department is excited to announce the addition of a new (to us) vehicle.

Recently, the North Catasauqua Police Department received a new vehicle for their fleet.  In turn, the old Police Car 75, a 2001 Ford Expedition, was passed down to the Fire Department.  The Expedition will replace a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria that was currently a response vehicle for the Fire Chief.  In time, the Expedition will carry the chief's bunker gear, fire extinguisher, forcible entry tools, and a command module. The Expedition will be in service shortly after some minor repairs and work to customize the vehicle to fire department use.

To the left is a teaser of the new lettering and striping on the Expedition in progress by Schaffer Signs and Graphics of North Catasauqua.

The Borough desired to keep the Crown Victoria given its relative good condition and left it under the Fire Department.  The Crown Victoria will be driven by one of the assistant chiefs.  It will also be used for transportation to off-site training and fire department errands.