Duracell Power Those Who Protect Us Donation

Duracell Power Those That Protect UsBatteries are an important tool that the North Catasauqua Fire Dept uses almost every time we respond to an emergency. Much of the equipment we carry is powered by batteries, from the air packs on our backs to the flashlights and gas meters that we carry.  Batteries power the many devices and life-saving equipment we carry.


Recently, Duracell, in conjunction with the National Volunteer Fire Council,  completed the Power Those Who Protect Us battery donation program. 


The North Catasauqua Fire Department received 714 AA batteries and 236 AAA batteries through your participation in the program. (Updated 1/4/12)


Starting on February 1, 2011, the Power Those Who Protect Us program will helped local volunteer fire departments by donating batteries based on your purchases.  Whenever you purchased a specially marked package of Duracell batteries, a unique code was included with the product packaging.  The code was entered on Duracell's website and your donation was directed to us.


Thank you to all who directed their battery donation to us.  We greatly appreciate the support.  A big thank you to Duracell and the NVFC for their organization and support of this great project.