North Catasauqua Burning Ordinance

The North Catasauqua Fire Department would like to remind everyone that all outdoor fires and burning within the Borough of North Catasauqua is prohibited except for food preparation purposes.  This includes the use of chimineas and other commerically produced backyard fire rings, pits, etc that are popular right now.

Below is the ordinance regarding outdoor fires within the Borough of North Catasauqua:


a. Prohibited on Public Property

No person shall set or maintain any fire upon any of the streets, sidewalks, alleys, or public grounds in the Borough nor burn nor cause to be burned thereon, any paper, boxes, rubbish, leaves, or other materials or substance of any kind. (Ordinance 215, §1, December 9, 1968)

b. Prohibited on Private Property

No person shall set or maintain any fire or burn or cause to be burned any substance or materials of any kind out-of-doors, anywhere within the Borough limits except for cooking, barbecuing, roasting, or other types of food preparation for consumption on the premises. (Ordinance 215, §1, 2, December 9, 1968)

c. Penalty

Any person violating any of the provisions of this Article shall, upon conviction thereof before the Mayor or any Magistrate, forfeit and pay a fine or penalty of not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00), for each and every violation and costs, to be collected for the use of said Borough, and upon failure to pay said fine or penalty and costs, such person or persons shall be liable to imprisonment in the Northampton County Jail for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days. (Ordinance 215, §3, December 9, 1968)