History of the Charotin Hose Co. No. 1


On June 16, 2000, the Charotin Hose Company No. 1, along with the Catasauqua Fire Department, hosted the Four County Firemen’s Association convention at their station.  An official program was printed for the convention and in it was a history of the two fire departments.  After a week and a half had passed then President Jack Thomas was reading the history of the North Catasauqua Fire Department in the program when he noticed what he thought were some errors.  After consulting with Fire Chief Francis Hadik it was determined that some events were out of order and some confused with others.  There existed a few written histories of the department; A History of Catasauqua, written in 1914 has a short description of the first few years of the department; a history written for the Company’s 75th anniversary; a description in a history of both boroughs put together by the Catasauqua Historic Society 1995; and one written by Dale Wint, a local history buff who has chronicled the history of Catasauqua in several excellent manuscripts.  There did however, not exist an official Charotin authenticated history.  I decided to pen an official history and then, present it to the membership for official acceptance.  Who better to give the best perspective of our history than fire department members.  All good things take time and this project was no exception.  I had originally hoped to complete it in no more than a year’s time, but other projects and personnel issues slowed my progress.  At times a year would go by between work, but I eventually got enthused again and would return to this project.  The information compiled herein has been obtained from the aforementioned accounts, conversations held over the years with older members and people in our community, company files, excerpts from newspaper articles, and personal experiences of the current membership.  It is hoped that future generations of Charotin members will read this history and gain a better perspective of the origin and proud legacy of the Company.

John W. Thomas
June 2006